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Smart Payment, RFID Ring.

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Customer Opinion

These audio glasses are amazing, what a cool idea. I ended up getting 3 pair for my sisters

Avril, UK

Had to leave a review to show appreciation for the nice man at customer service. Thanks for sorting out canada post. My son now won't take off his new headphones.

Jilly R, CA

Arrived earlier than I thought, it has top quality.

Ming N, Singapore

I had a problem with my watch, they sorted it, no problem at all.

Gerry S, UK

smart ring, yes fine, a little bulky for delicate fingers. love it

Nancy P, NY

Got the stick on nail. It is very flexy and stayed on about 2 months for me. I used it to open my phone, never got the nerve to do more. Will order another and check it out,

Leslie D. NZ

Great thang, can't beat it with a stick.

Boyd J, Texas

I bought the ring for my gran, to send an SOS if she falls. Also helps her to unlock her phone when she has bad days remembering. Amazing!

Sue G, Birmingham

The watch is to monitor my sleep because I suffer with restless legs, and can't sleep well, but I have noticed I use the watch for so much more, and it looks so good! 10 out of 10

Nathan W, San Francisco