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NFC Smart Ring.

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Smart Ring, to use with Near Field Communication

with 2 RFID Chips


 Smart NFC enabled watch for contacless payments, alerts, made woth Germanium

Potential benefits of owning an NFC Smart Ring

  • Make contactless payments.

  • Send alerts and trigger SOS calls.

  • Digitally share your contact information with a tap to a colleague's NFC-enabled phone.

  • Operate and open electronic lock doors, such as smart elevator or office, as a pass key.

  • Share data via android or ios platform                   

The R4 Smart NFC Ring is 4 times the hardness of Aluminium alloy, hardwearing, durable and waterproof. platform

    smart black nfc enabled ring for contactless and trigger alerts, and share info via tap

    Multiple RFID chips for your chosen pre-programmed functions, or built in cloud services.  - This ring conceals two sets of RFID chip modules.

    Use this NFC ring as a "wearable" digital key for a wide range of uses.  

    The newly designed circuit structure has a transmission and receiver distance 3 times greater than prior generations, and the electric field disturbance

    ( The invisible field which sometimes cause interference with radio waves) is greatly reduced.



    A Smart Guarantee

    This is a premium product, therefore we guarantee with a manufacturers warranty and your full satisfaction.