Transparent nail chip
miniscule smart nail chip
chipped nail for mobile phone
rfid glued nail
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Smart Fingernail-CHIP

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Smart Nail-Chip

This radio inductive finger nail chip is as fine as a hair and allows for a range of functions.

Make a virtual call, send location or SOS, share URL or memo

with a gentle touch on the NFC region of your mobile phone. Use alongside your other wearable's, or"Smart" ring

Flexible: fits on the curvature of the natural nail surface.

Direct use, No additional applications needed.

Smart Tech, unisex RFID chip to place on fingernail


  Perfect for everyday use. Times have changed business cards are becoming obsolete.

  •  Trigger mobile phone call via Whats-App.

  •   Send business card or webpage to phone.

  •  Memo, each nail can hold different requirements.

  •  Timed alerts and notifications.

  •  Directly download files. Share information.

  • Horoscope and menstrual cycle calculator too if required.


Environmentally friendly materials, long lasting and hard wearing.

Coating similar to contact lenses, fulfilling global certification standards

1 Smart nail chip with micron size of 5mm x 5mm x 0.12mm. A radio frequency of 13.56MHz

Compatible with all android phones with nfc, and Apple Iphones from Sept 2018



       A Smart Guarantee 

    This is a premium product, therefore we guarantee with a manufacturers warranty